Customer ID
The internet became a major channel in conducting businesses. Alinma is committed to its partners to foster this channel and provide the best solution for business internet banking

The current solution covers a wide scope of business needs like account management, money transfer, trade operations, utility bills, payrolls and other functions. Furthermore, Alinma is continuously enhancing the system and introducing new functions to meet our partners’ expectations.
User Empowerment
To ensure the maximum control over the business environment, Alinma business internet banking gives the partner extensive flexibility in defining the user privileges and permissions. The partner can decide what each user can do and what he/she cannot do. This includes accounts to see, functions to perform and roles to play. Add to that unique approval workflow that can be specified easily according to the business environment with no limitation. The partner can define multi-workflows according to the entire of the amount. This gives high control and peace of mind to our partners.
System security
We deal with security matters as essential part of the service. Alinma took all precautions and measures to ensure system security. We applied data encryption on all data transmitted between the partners’ side and the bank’s systems. We don’t store any data after the session in the user side and all the data exchanged are extracted based on session request. We also use the second factor authentication to assure the identity of the user in the login process. All these measures give the user top class security.